Abgeschlossene Projekte (seit 2007)

Connect 2.0 (September 2015-2018)

Das Lernszenario besteht aus 3 Komponenten:

Projektmitarbeiter/in:Projektmittel: EU (Erasmus+)


INVOLVE (2015-2018)

Funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Funding Period: Project Partners: Free University of Berlin (FUB), German Red Cross (DRK)


Project Description:Research Goals:

  1. Development of a formal theoretical model of the motives for volunteering or non-commitment.
  2. Analysis of the mechanisms of social reciprocity in different cultures; mechanisms of group-related affiliation, in-group and out-Group formation. What barriers can be identified that stand in the way of helping and involvement in different cultures and areas? On the other hand: What can the individual gain from volunteering?
  3. It is expected that from goals 1. to 3. successful strategies for the acquisition of voluntary relief workers from so far not represented milieus can be derived. For these groups, both the training needs analysis as well as the typical conditions (language, literacy, etc.) must be clarified.

Implementation Goals:

  1. Development of strategies for the acquisition of volunteer emergency workers and their integration in the respective service tasks and service cultures.
  2. Development of culturally sensitive teaching methodology and development of targeted curricula and methods.
  3. Evaluation of the courses and seminars developed during the project.



Interculture Journal 2.0 (2011-2016)


Drittmittelgeber: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)




Funded by
Funding Period: Researchers:

Project Description


Results of the project will be available end of 2016, yearly interim reports will be published by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance.


Entwicklung eines schiffsweiten Datennetzwerkes

Teilprojekt: Laufzeit: 3 Jahre

Projektpartner:Umfang: 2 halbe Stellen, Sach- und Reisemittel

Link: (wird nach Projektstart eingerichtet)

Drittmittelgeber: BMWi / PtJ

Verantwortlich: Stefan Strohschneider




Intercultural Campus (2012-2014)






OrGaMIR-plus (5/2011-3/2013)

Teilvorhaben: Gestaltung von Fluchtwegen, Alarmen und Warnungen aus Perspektive der Human-Factors-Psychologie.

Projektpartner:Link: www.orgamir.de

Drittmittelgeber: BMBF / VDI-TZ

Verantwortlich: Stefan Strohschneider

Mitarbeiter / Kontakt:


 Gesine Hofinger (gesine.hofinger@uni-jena.delaura.kuenzer@uni-jena.de)

 Robert Zinke (robert.zinke@uni-jena.de)




SpeedUp (2009-2012)

Link: www.speedup-projekt.de

Drittmittelgeber: BMBF/vdi

Laufzeit: 3 Jahre

Projektpartner:Umfang: 2 ganze Stellen, Sach- und Reisemittel

Verantwortlich: Stefan Strohschneider



  • May, San Diego, CA.
      • Assessing Qualitative Usability in life-threatening time-critical and unstable Situations.  


      Interkultureller Mediator (2009-2011)

      Entwicklung einer berufsbegleitenden Ausbildung zum Interkulturellen Mediator in Zusammenarbeit zwischen IWK und interculture.de

      Link: http://www.interkultureller-mediator.de

      Drittmittelgeber: ESF-Fonds/ GFAW






      EDICC (2009-2011)

      European Diploma in Intercultural Competence. Entwicklung in Zusammenarbeit zwischen IWK und interculture.de


      Drittmittelgeber: EU (Erasmus)

      Projektberichte: EDICC Kurzbeschreibung: |Download| (noch nicht vorhanden)



      ORGAMIR (2008-2011)

      Link: www.orgamir.de 

      Drittmittelgeber: BMBF / vditz

      • ORGAMIR Kurzbeschreibung: |Download|
      • Hofinger, G., Zinke, R. & Strohschneider, S. (im Druck). Disaster preparedness and management in public transportation: psychological specifics and shortcomings in managing dynamic crisis. Disaster Prevention and Management.
      • Inter-organisational cooperation in major incidents - what do emergency services require for smooth operations? In Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, European Chapter, Berlin, 13.-15. Oktober 2010.
      • Hofinger, G., Scheuerer, V., Zinke, R., & Strohschneider, S. (2009). Oktober 2009.
      • Color and Cognition - the role of colour in danger visualization. Poster auf der Tagung der Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, European Chapter, Berlin, 13.-15. Oktober 2010.
      • Oktober 2010.
      • Zinke, R., Hofinger, G & Strohschneider, S (2010). Inter-organizational cooperation: challenges for joint action. In W. Karwowski & G. Salvendy (Ed.), Conference Proceedings Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics International Conference 2010, Miami, 17.-20. Juli 2010. USA Publishing.
      • Zinke, R., Hofinger, G & Strohschneider, S. (2010). Requirements of crisis situations - an action psychology perspective. In de Waard, D., Axelsson A., Berglund, M., Peters, B. & Weikert, C. (eds), Human Factors. A system view of human, technology and organization (S. 167-176). Maastricht Shaker.

      Verantwortlich: Stefan Strohschneider


      weReurope (2008-2011)

      Link: www.weReurope.eu

      Drittmittelgeber: EU (Livelong Learning, Grundtvig)

      Kurzbeschreibung: |Deutsch|, |English|




      Interaktionsgestaltung internationaler Unternehmenskooperationen (2006-2009)

      Link: Bertelsmann-Stiftung 

      Drittmittelgeber: BertelsmannStiftung




      InterMan (2007-2008)

      Link: http://elearning2.uni-weimar.de/mcikp/extern/C69/DE/index.php





      Vinnova (2006-2007)

      Managing escalating situations at sea:

      Testing and increasing the value of ship-bridge simulation for maritim crisis management

      LinkLund University, research-project: VINNOVA 

      Drittmittelgeber: Schwedisches Innenministerium




      DGON Bridge (2005-2009)

      Link: www.dgon-bridge.de

      Drittmittelgeber: BMBF




      • DGON Bridge Referenzliste: |Download|
      • Hansa International Maritime Journal, 2011 (1), 62-66.
      • Interaction Design in Ship Building: Integrating the User Perspective in Ship Bridge Design. Eingereicht bei Theoretical Issues in Cognitive Ergonomics. |Download|
      • |Download|
      • |Download|
      • Ergebnisbericht zur Interviewstudie 'Nutzermodelle'|Download|
      • Geyer, Filipp. (2007). Entwicklung einer Schiffsumweltsimulation in C++ auf Basis digitaler Seekarten im S-57 Format.|Download|
      • Das Nautik-Y: Modelldokumentation & Bedienungsanleitung|Download|
      • |Download|