Research Focus

Intercultural agency represents the starting point of all our research endeavours. It concentrates mainly upon application-oriented questions that are developed and processed in an interdisciplinary discourse. Our research questions determine the methodological approach and we retain wide-ranging expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Currently, our research questions concentrate upon the following areas:

  • Intercultural Human Factors Research: How does interculturality become safe and feasible interaction?
  • Intercultural Competence: Can one possibly describe such a construct? Is intercultural competence measurable? How can intercultural competence be developed within specific organisational contexts?
  • Intercultural Knowledge Management and Web 2.0: How can shared media be used to improve international cooperation and to reduce problems of reintegration? How may processes of knowledge management acquire a dynamic of their own? How can promoters be identified and supported within communication and knowledge networks?